I decided to come to EMF because I was sick of having pain every day and felt I was aging prematurely due to loss of fitness.

I did not expect it to be such a non-judgemental and encouraging environment.

I love the emphasis on positive mental health.

Also, I was super impressed with the no weighing, takes a lot of pressure off when starting a new gym. 

I am now pain-free most of the time which is amazing after the last 4 years of suffering in silence.

I have also (all be it by accident) found my inner strength/confidence again after a lot of loss. My physical strength is back and growing thanks to the team at EMF. Watch out wonder woman I’m not far behind you lol. 

Big shout out to Phil for helping me to understand that doing what you can and not pushing it because you think you should can lead to better and safer training with no injury.

I now feel motivated and comfortable to do my sessions even if I was wearing a bin bag, I don’t think they’d mind. An idea for Halloween maybe lol. 

I absolutely would recommend starting in EMF, just do it. It will be the best decision you ever make, for you. 

Karen O Brien Halpin