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At EMF Lifting and Laughing we enjoy interacting and talking to each and every member through all our forms of communication. If you have a private question you’d like to ask one of our coaches you can chat to us through phone, email, Facebook messenger or even Instagram. Instagram is where you’ll see daily banter and the behind the scenes of EMF and some of Eoin’s antics. We have a YouTube page where a variety of videos about the gym and more can be found. We also have a dedicated Facebook group where members can ask questions, help each other or just throw in a funny photo. Everybody supports one another here because we’re all one big family. We pride ourselves on having a close connection with our members and we look forward to growing our family.


Unit 7.
The Mill.
Shean Lower.
Blarney Village.
Co Cork.
T23 R6DF

Gym Hours

Monday – 5pm-9pm

Tuesday – 8-11am & 4pm-9pm

Wednesday – 4pm-9pm

Thursday – 8am-11am, 4pm-9

Friday – 4pm-8pm

Saturday – 9am-12pm

Child PT

Wednesday – (1:10pm-13:25pm)

Thursday – (3:50pm-16:25pm)

Saturday – (1pm-4:25pm)


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Monday – 5pm-9pm

Tuesday - 8am-11am & 4pm-9pm

Wednesday – 4pm-9pm

Thursday - 8am-11am, 4pm-9pm

Friday - 4pm-8pm

Saturday - 9am-12pm