Caroline success story

Word of mouth got me to EMF initially. Also, it was geographically convenient and quite affordable. I was looking for an alternative from my Ballincollig based gym due on time management.

My first impressions of EMF where how über laid back and friendly everyone was! This didn’t bode well with me at first. I was expecting a drill sergeant all based on my previous gym and pt experience. I felt I was possibly wasting my time and that Eoin and Phil were ‘soft touches’.

Needless to say, I was swiftly proved wrong and I’m converted! Yes! It IS possible to work out…and hard and be sociable and have a giggle while you’re at fact, it’s highly recommended!

The banter and fun certainly makes the training minutes fleet by far more swiftly!. I really liked feeling less isolated on my quest to be strong and fit and particularly at my age. There are plenty of us in the same peer group on the same mission.

I absolutely would recommend EMF to anyone. Personally, I’ve learned to be less assuming and judgemental. Physically I am much stronger and fitter and mentally healthier.

EMF, a force to be reckoned with!💪


Carolina Padgham