Eve O'Brien success story

Results from the 12 week program of training and nutrition:

10kg bodyweight loss.

11cm decrease in waist circumference.

6% body-fat drop.

Deadlift increase of 35kg

Squat increase from body weight to 40kg barbell.

Eve put in a tremendous amount of work to achieve her results. She had tried diet interventions before but found none worked for her long term. We focused on a flexible approach that let her eat the foods she loved but took into account portion control and an increase in protein and veggies.

Focusing on what you can do rather than what you cannot do sets up a way of eating that is pro active and positive. Eve took it to like a duck to water and when accompanying this with a planned and enjoyable weight training regime it made the overall journey that much more doable.

In her own words,

“I wanted to lose a stone and I did,  I lost 22 pounds, I learned about calorie in take and how to manage it in a way that suited me. I thought Eoin and Shane were really encouraging and genuinely felt like ye wanted me to do well it wasn’t fake or made up. The support was great through emails and Facebook. It really helped me stay on track when away from the gym which is important.

I really enjoyed how inclusive the nutrition program was it was I didn’t have to cut anything major out of my daily foods besides the obvious stuff I knew were not helping me to reach my goal weight. I felt my sleep improved week on week which had such a huge effect on my energy levels. That then made eating right and tracking well so much easier in the long term.”

Eve O'Brien