Fiona Duggan success story

“Ive joined lots of gyms before but never for too long, I have to admit I would get bored with the programmes very quickly & the gyms were quite impersonal.

I’ve suffered from back pain for a long time but it became quite sore in recent years. I’ve a busy job, mostly desk based, lots time in the car & three small children, I couldn’t seem to find/make the time to exercise properly & mind my back. My exercise usually consisted of a fast run with zero warm up/warm down (didn’t have time! ).

So it was inevitable that my back would start complaining again. I was sick of encountering the same problem so I decided to do something about it & focus on fixing it with tailored plan. I had attended some of Eoins classes but not on a regular basis. So I went to a physio and then to Eoin who created an exercise plan focused on strengthening my back & core.

Why Eoin? He knows his stuff, is very dedicated, never complains though I am always late & changing PT sessions, he makes the workout interesting, I’m not bored yet!! His gym is very personal, its like a little community of like minded people. But most of all, the plan is working, my body is getting stronger, I’m enjoying the sessions & back pain reducing slowly but surely.

As said above the results and benefits I have seen are many. Even to this day I am doing things in the gym I once thought would be impossible with my back issues. Strength improvement & muscle gain have been a great addition to my life and helps me do the things I want without worrying about being stiff and sore the next day. Less back pain naturally comes from that and with 50 mins just focused on exercise I cant think of a better way to unwind after a stressful day.

The sessions are such an enjoyable experience. I never regret going and even if I enter the gym stressed and feeling like crap I must certainly never feel like that leaving. Thanks Eoin.”

Fiona Duggan