pt success Georgina Hallows


Personal training 2/week 4 month progress:

Weight loss – 12kg

Dress size – dropped two sizes

Waist circumference –  Down 13 cm

Box bodyweight squat to barbell squat with 30kg

Barbell deadlift of 70kg for 5 reps

Fantastic work by Georgina. One of the most positive and friendly faces in the gym. No exercise was too hard, no nutrition goal too much of a stretch and everything that was asked of her was completed with a smile. The definition of hard work and consistent effort paying off. Well done Georgina.

In her own words,

“Back in May 2016, I was fed up. I had gone out for my birthday with friends and felt miserable in myself. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! I couldn’t deal with the stress of looking for clothes that hid all the parts I disliked anymore and said to myself ‘This is it, I need to make a change’ and that’s where EMF came into my life! I had heard about EMF through a friend, and decided to contact Eoin via Facebook. Eoin understood my goals and arranged for me to meet him to discuss food, my training plan etc, and I haven’t looked back since. Eoin’s approach to weight-loss and general fitness is second to none, he listens to your goals and guides you along the way, and of course the banter is great during training! 🙂

I never enjoyed doing large classes and had gone to personal trainers before who couldn’t be less interested in my goals or training. Eoin makes it fun and also very encouraging, especially with regard to weightlifting. I had done small stuff before, kettlebells, dumbbells etc, but when Eoin mentioned deadlifts to me, I doubted myself, week after week (and trying to perfect my squat in the process!) I found it easier and easier to lift heavier. There is a stigma attached to women and weights, and when I reached a personal best of 70KGs+ all I could think is, bring it on! When you are motivated and have an extremely supportive coach by your side, personal bests are very easy to achieve.

If you want to become confident, lift some heavy stuff and be supported and encouraged along the way, then EMF is the place to be. I couldn’t be happier in myself now and have a lot more goals I want to reach and know that with EMF they will be achieved. I would recommend EMF to anybody who wants to change their lives for the better”

Georgina Hallows