Geraldine Dennerhy success story

Age has nothing to do with being fit !!!

Weight lifting, golf playing and all round super women Geraldine Dennehy speaks about her time to date at EMF.

“I feel more people of my age should work out especially doing ‘Resistance Training’. As one ages we lose muscle. Age has nothing to do with being fit at the end of the day. For me making the commitment was all I needed. I have found it difficult to work out on my own in the past so having Eoin there to show me what to do, motivate me to push harder and answer any questions I might have makes it a truly worthwhile experience.

I decided to start personal training and resistance exercises for my overall general well being. My GP recommended doing some resistance training including squats and lunges etc to help build up muscle in my arthritic knees. I have had problems with my knees in the past so a program of strength training was needed so I could keep playing golf to the level I enjoy. I chose EMF because of the proximity to where I live and the flexible hours Eoin was able to accommodate for me and my friend Karen who also started with me.”

Eoin I still owe you a couple of Blarney Brew reviews too, which I’ll send over soon (pics & all!), let’s just say I’m on the lookout for when it hits the supermarkets!!

Geraldine Dennehy