pt success John Whelan

“I completed a number of races in 2016 (5k, 10k, half marathon). While my times were improving, I had a similar pattern to each race, really good posture for the first few miles and ended up looking at my feet for the last few miles. I wanted to improve my core & posture to compliment my running.

Eoin & I discussed what I wanted to get out of the sessions, where I wanted to be in 3-4 months and then he explained how I was going to get there. It wasn’t just about completing the gym sessions, it was how best to recover, how nutrition would help, how to lose body fat, how much sleep was involved in the overall plan and most importantly, how all of these will fit in with my running schedule.

In 3-4 months, I lost 9kg, reduced my waist size, gained muscle & even learned to squat properly! The largest impact though for me personally has been to my half marathon time; cutting my PB by 7 minutes.

The things I enjoyed most about working with Eoin were firstly, learning how to complete exercises using the correct technique so that it complimented my running movement. I also learned that I didn’t need to lift extremely heavy weights to see an improvement. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated the use of the tailored nutrition plan, use of the sheets app and then the weekly review to get feedback. Eoin outlined the nutrition plan but left me to control it which allowed me experiment with recipes & foods and I wasn’t restricted in what I could or couldn’t eat. If I had a bad day, then I could make it up again.

I could not recommend Eoins service enough if you have a sporting goal or even if you want to lose some weight in general. He knows how to help you with both and in my case he helped me run better, eat better and enjoy the process throughout. It is a really friendly atmosphere down in EMF but also really professional. There is great variation in exercises and they can be tailored to suit an individuals goals.”

John Whelan