pt success story Kieran O'Brien

Fantastic results seen by Kieran in only a 3 month period.

Kieran is himself a coach and had been just coming off a knee surgery repair when he started online PT with me in May.

A highly capable and motivated individual all he needed was some guidance and accountability to get him on track and working towards his big holiday to California in September.

Kieran really bought into tracking his food intake and planning his training sessions from day one. Kieran had many ups and downs throughout the summer (and even a few well earned nights out) but he always focused on what he could do rather than what had already happened. This was key in him making continued progress throughout the 3 months and doing it in a way that he will be able to sustain for many months to come.

Weight loss to date – 5.2kg

Waist circumference drop to date – 8cm

Training sessions per week – 4 to 5

In his own words,

“107 days of logging all my food and using Myfitnesspal until today as I am off to Cali. I was kind of annoyed at losing my streak but I realised that I have picked up some brilliant habits and have a much better idea of what my body needs thanks to your help Eoin.

I am looking forward to starting again when I get back to Ireland but I am not worried at all about losing progress because I know I have put in enough hard work over the last few months with all your support and guidance. Heres to EMF for all the good work and many more months to follow. Really appreciate everything Eoin.

Its always good to surround yourself with positive people that will help you achieve your health, fitness and fat loss goals. It just makes things so much easier in the long run”

Well done Kieran,

Kieran O'Byrne