Martin Murphy success story

Results seen by Martin over a 10 week period

Fat loss – 5kg

Waist Circumference – 8.5 cm drop

Squatting a 10kg Dumbbell to Squatting a 60kg Barbell

Deadlifting 30kg to Deadlifting 80kg

What prompted you to start personal training and why did you decide to chose EMF in particular?

“A combination of factors made me decide to join EMF. To start with I have a “Jumpers Knee” injury preventing me from participating in a lot of cardio base activities. This resulted with me sitting of the sofa with the pounds piling on. So you could say the first reason I joined was for weight management. My wife had previously attended EMF classes and achieved excellent results so this gave me great faith in EMF. The second reason I joined was for stress release. No matter what you are doing in life we all get stressed and need some way to release the stress valve!”

In your time doing pt what results did you see both inside and outside of the gym?

“I notice fat loss around the midriff area which I have always found hard to shift. I still have a long way to go but a step in the right direction. My strength levels have increased and this could be seen by Eoin keeping track each week of what weight I was lifting. I have gained muscle and I am eating more healthily. The nutrition tracker that Eoin provides is a great way to keep tabs on what you are eating and to keep your calories and nutrition. I have also found that I feel less stressed and have more energy”

What in particular did you enjoy about your experience with EMF PT?

Eoin is very enthusiastic and makes it fun to train. It doesn’t get boring as he is always challenging you by upping the weights and changing the exercises. He always has a good playlist on to to get you going! (90% of the time ha ha). If you have any questions you can ask him any time and he will always get back to you. He is also always putting interesting posts on Facebook about health, nutrition and fitness.”

Martin Murphy