Kieran success - revisited

“I met Eoin a few years ago and knew quite quickly that he had a passion for helping others in more than just a physical training capacity. Years after denying that I would ever need a coach and direction with training, I eventually accepted that I needed more help. I never questioned that I would ask anybody else since I had immediately got a sense of trust having met him and knew he would help me see things more clearly.

With the training program Eoin prescribed for me, in the gym strength was developed and maintained, aesthetically I was much leaner and less “fluff with muscle underneath”.

Outside of the gym I had more confidence and was simply just more comfortable in my own skin. My clothes fit better and were more suited to my figure (tighter on chest and arms). I was so much more conscious to sleep better also and the positive impact this had on my life I cannot even describe. Just sleep more people, please.

Training with Eoin and going on this second journey to a photo shoot impacted my life in a number of ways. I now have a much better relationship with training and really understand how it improves the overall quality of my life and even those around me. I wasn’t participating in sport anymore and realized I needed a big challenge/goal to put my energy in to and focus on goals I needed to achieve. I am happy to say I achieved these goals and then some.

The challenge to do a photo shoot in the first place had initially stemmed from my desire to look better but then I decided I wanted to really challenge myself and see how consistent I could get with dieting to understand the hardship some people go through regarding body composition changes and stage prep. So I asked Eoin did he think it was viable, he thankfully said yes, and so we just geared training and nutrition towards the ultimate goal of enjoying training as much as possible and dropping body fat.

This was the fun part initially. I learned that you need to hold yourself responsible and accountable for your own actions, nobody is going to do the hard work for you.. ever.

Dieting was definitely manageable but the help and understanding along the way, the alternative suggestions that might be lower in calories and more satiating to help contribute towards the ultimate goal I got from Eoin really helped me stay on track. The best piece of advice I got was to remember you’re responsible for your own body and your hard work or lack of reflects the outcome.

I stuck to the plan as much as I could because I trusted the process. I took the approach of “more effort leads to more results”. The more consistent you get with routine and habit, the easier the process becomes. The mental aspects became challenging but that’s what trainers are there for, guidance and help.

The unreserved positive regard and a huge level of understanding regarding training and life stress really set EMF coaching apart for me. Training was often altered to suit my body regarding injuries I had, I was given alternative exercises to minimize pain but still target the muscle groups required. This flexibility of coaching really let me know Eoin cared about me as a person as well as a client and that is what let me push on to the next level with every aspect of my health and fitness.

Absolutely I would recommend anybody to join if they care for their health. You will not regret it I promise you.”

Kieran O'Byrne