Emma Burke success story

“I’ve always been of a sporting personality, when I was younger I played, Football, Camogie, Basketball, Gymnastics, and Thai Boxing. I stopped playing sports when I attended college for 5 yrs. Only in the past 3 yrs have I found my love of sports again. I set myself a goal 4 yrs ago when I moved home to run a half marathon, trained for 6 months then ran my first ever race 20k, it nearly killed me but was worth it. After that I joined Crossfit, to say that I was hooked is an under-statement.

For the past 3 years I have competed in Cross-fit competitions, I love Cross-fit because of its versatility!! Back at Christmas I got talking to a friend who also had a love of fitness, they suggested getting a PT to see if I could improve my physic. I’ve always generally been quite small, weighing anything between 52-54kilos, With Cross-fit physique really isn’t something that one concentrates on, it’s a sport not a beauty contest. I decided to change my perspective and set myself a new short term goal, to see if I could change my physic, to go from being just skinny to possibly more strong and lean. To try and broaden my shoulders, slim my waist and build an ass, ha!!!

It would be a new challenge, as much as I love the competitiveness of Cross-fit, I wanted the challenge of building a physic, tracking my food, seeing what’s entailed in an actual diet!! I chose EMF as a friend had recommended Eoins approach, and his attention to detail with his clients.

The results that I noticed were, muscle gain, especially in my arms, shoulders and back. I started to see abs coming through that I had never seen before. My ass is firmer, may not be all that bigger but the glutes are a big muscle so I may need to keep banging out those hip thrusters for a little while longer!!

As I had already previous experience with weights from Cross-fit I didn’t notice much difference in my 1rep max. I can defiantly do more strict pull-ups in row than what I could do, I’m a little stronger than what I was which is great as a bonus result.

I would say that I am more aware now of the nutritional values of the food that I eat. Tracking food I have learned is the only way to go when you want to change your physique in any way, weather it is to gain weight or loose weight tracking your food is what works!! I know how much Protein I need, how many Carbs I need, and the right times to eat them around training sessions. I am most certainly more informed when It comes to food, and how it affects ones physique.

The Banter is what Eoins approach is all about ha!!! But it really does work well.

The whole experience was great, It was a new challenge!! The gym and training wasn’t hard, its the food and the tracking that really tests someone. Having Eoin at the end of the phone for support really helps. He answers any questions you may have, and if he doesn’t have the answer he will investigate for you and get back to you.

His interest and love for PT and his clients makes him a PT above the rest. Your not just another number.¬†Eoin is with you every step of the way. I may have been an on-line client, and for the 4 months that Eoin trained me, I felt as though I could contact him at any time of the day with a question and he would help. He gets personal with his clients, he treats everyone as an individual in their own right and works 100% with you to reach your goal.”

Emma Burke