pt success story Graeme Farrell

“I began online coaching with Eoin, because contrary to my own knowledge and experience, I felt I needed someone to keep me in line.

Having studied with Eoin in the past, I knew how hard he works, and I was sure I’d be in good hands.

Having left a job in hospitality mid-way through 2015, I quickly learned that my ‘I can eat whatever I want and not put on any weight’ mindset was false, as I went from a lean, strong 83kg to 98kg in the space of roughly 9-12 months. While some of it was muscle from lifting weights, the majority of it was fat. At 98kg for most of 2016, I felt it was time to do something about it, especially as I was playing AFL (I live in Perth) every Saturday and training twice a week.

I had been following Eoin’s business closely over the previous 15 months or so and decided there was nobody better to put my faith in.

I saw a huge variety of improvements. My body looked better for one. I was losing fat, keeping my muscle, getting definition in areas I hadn’t previously (chest, arms, shoulders etc.), and feeling better.

My strength, speed and fitness increased greatly, through a foundation of strength training, in advance of the beginning of AFL season here. I found that I could run faster, for longer, my recovery was better, and I was a lot more agile.

The confidence I gained in the way I looked and felt was huge for both my personal life, and on the football field.

I loved working with Eoin. I don’t think there’s anything he does that’s particularly groundbreaking, and that’s not a negative. He uses tried and tested methods. Eoin’s emphasis on creating and establishing a long term habit is far more beneficial to his clients than a quick fix 4-8kg weight loss program, where the client is losing water, fat and muscle in a short period of time, but not creating any lasting change.

Eoin is very supportive, understanding, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Over my time working with him, I was a bit nervous telling him things that I felt were wrong, or things that were ‘bad’ for my program. This was probably aided by the fact that I already knew him.

Eoin conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, however, and made me understand that making mistakes and failing is part of the process. Now I’m in a place where I understand that it’s ok to miss out on ‘x, y, or z’ on one day, and make up for it the next. It’s all about the overall picture; the macro if you will, instead of beating yourself up over the micro – like only getting 170g of protein when you were supposed to get 180. Just fix it and move on!

Eoin is a consummate professional, he’s funny, he’s understanding, and he’s got his clients’ best interests at heart. He knows what he is doing, and I believe he will help a great number of people in the future.”

Graeme Farrell