Carol Dollard success story

10 Week Program January 18 Overall Winner of Best Transformation Carol Dollard.

A massive well done to Carol and her truly amazing transformation.

In Carol’s own words,

“I met a girl I used to see at various classes trying to do the same as me, lose weight and get fit. I hadn’t seen her in a while and wow, what a difference I saw in her. Serious weight loss, toned and fit. She told me about EMF and told me I wouldn’t look back. She was right, the classes are enjoyable and different to anything I had gone to previously.

You feel great leaving class and always with a smile. The people you meet are so nice and normal.

A whole change in attitude to food and exercise which I couldn’t get my mind around previously through various diets and classes. I really now look forward to exercising. And also speaking to another girl I met, she said that she still lives and goes out and enjoys life, knowing her weight loss may take a bit longer but knows that she can still go to EMF and get motivated to carry on.

I have lost over 1.5st and I sleep solidly every night after training. I feel better about myself that I am doing something positive to change my lifestyle.

My experience in EMF has changed me for the better. I now take the time most days to get out and do some exercise, it helps clear the head after work and kids and helps me sleep better.

I have recommended EMF to my friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. The classes seem to fly by, you are in and out quick and feel great after.”

Carol Dollard