Maeve White success story

“I’d always been large chested and no matter how much weight I lose, my chest remains the same! I finally bit the bullet and got a referral from my GP for a breast reduction operation.

The only problem was I needed to lose a stone to meet the requirements! I had been going to Slimming World and was previously joined to a gym but I had hit a plateau and figured personal/strength training might be the answer!

Eoin and Philip are really friendly and great motivators. They’ve helped me improve my strength in a much shorter time than I thought possible!. When I started there 3 months ago I was deadlifting 6kg, now I’m lifting 50kg! Knowing that I’m actually getting better has been so motivating! I have also lost about 10lbs and my bingo wings are gone!

I’ve never really enjoyed exercising in the past.

It was always something that I wanted to just get over with as quickly as possible, but Eoin’s sessions are something I actually look forward to and enjoy while I’m doing!. It almost feels like an exercise in mindfulness because you have to focus on what you’re doing and that doesn’t really let your mind wander.

EMF has such a great vibe and you definitely get results!”

Maeve White