personal training success story - Barry

I came to EMF because I wanted to lose weight, get in shape and become stronger. Gyms never worked for me as I lack motivation and have no idea what to do when I get there. I needed guidance on what to do and how to do things correctly and also to keep me coming back. I lacked upper body strength and this is something I wanted to improve.

The description of EMF online suited exactly what I was looking for. I watch a lot of UFC athletes training and fighting. Their physical condition is what spurred me on”


“The personal element to the training is excellent.

I had not expected this side of training to be so motivational for me.

The training is tough and makes you want to quit but with the constant support and supervision, it helps you stick at it. Being informed about my progress is vital for me as it makes me want to progress even further. Eoin and Phil are experts and I did not expect to learn so much from them.

I have seen physical changes in my body which were my main aim starting off. I feel stronger and am now able to lift far heavier weights than when I started off.

I am confident in my strength training which is something I had never been before while in gyms or part of sports teams. I now know I am doing things correctly”

“The health benefits associated with the training provided by EMF are extremely important for my life. It has been a great education for me. The nutritional information I have received has helped me with losing weight especially outlining the difference between fact and fiction.

The training has made me more resilient.

Eoin and Phil are excellent trainers and make you feel comfortable in the gym environment. It is not overwhelming which some gyms can be. They work on every aspect of your training and always have room for a chat about your life or your interests which makes a big difference.

The training will help you reach your desired goals and the knowledge you will gain is invaluable.”


Barry Cronin