Billie-Jean Walsh success story

Billie-Jean’s father got her a Christmas present of a consultation with me last December.

A natural athlete with a passion for Karate she presented to me with a condition I honestly had never heard of before, Diastasis Recti.

What followed was a journey of learning for both of us but which has culminated in a stronger, happier and abler body for Billie-Jean.

 In Billie-Jean’s own words,

“I have a relatively large diastasis recti (DR) following 3 pregnancies, making me look like I’m constantly around 4 months pregnant! I was hoping that personal training might help me to not only tone everywhere else and fit into my clothes better, but target the DR and improve it.

I didn’t expect that such a seemingly insignificant effort can produce such excellent results. I train twice a week for 50 minutes, and I’ve never had such strength and such tone in my legs, bum and arms. I’m still working on the DR, but the rest of me has never looked better!

After 3 months of training, I can honestly say my clothes feel better on me, and as a result, I feel better in them. I am getting compliments from friends now and my husband is delighted.

I love how strong I feel also. I can literally lift whatever I want or need to, whereas before I would have shirked away from that since DR can create weakness in the back. The most interesting result for me is that when I’m walking, my muscles feel so strong that I want to be running. I have fantastic energy, and now the days I’m not training, I want to be. I don’t want to give up this good feeling.

In relation to food, I’m definitely paying more attention to the quantity of food I’m eating, which can only be beneficial in the long run. I could not recommend EMF enough and I think after seeing me both my parents will be joining up real soon!”

If you suffer from any pregnancy-related body issues, please don’t suffer in silence. Help is available and you are never too far gone to avail of it, trust me

Billie-Jean Walsh