Francis Courtney success story

“I started training with Eoin a few years prior to his current business and I was very happy with my results which prompted me to contact him again when setting some new goals. His level of knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and I highly recommend his services to anyone I meet.

My overall fitness and wellbeing improved throughout my program. I wanted to gain speed for my chosen field sport and as well as leaning down on body fat. I achieved this to great satisfaction while Eoin made sure to keep my training program fresh and everything was recorded throughout. Any questions asked via Facebook /email or text were answered quickly and this shows the level of service available.

I really enjoyed having my training scheduled like any other aspect of my daily life. Training can be overlooked when other plans come into place but by having to schedule around my booked training sessions I was ensuring the required effort I needed for results was taking place. The level of analysis is fantastic from regular body measurements, tracking food intake, diet analysis advice provided and recorded data from each training session, there is very little which will let you escape from achieving your desired numbers each week.

I highly recommend anyone who is serious about attaining results to join EMF PT as you are guaranteed facts and figures to explain daily/weekly how you are going to achieve your goals and it is easy to see why you will not achieve them with continuous data feedback. There are no fad diets here just honest training mixed with tracking food intake which will enable Eoin to make slight changes throughout your program to attain those results. If your numbers are trending the right way and your making the effort to achieve this including your training then results will happen.

I can honestly say that I turned up for every training session and the required assistance and equipment was there which meant I had no problems like waiting for equipment to complete my workouts etc. I was in and out within the hour each time which again suited my schedule so there was very little time for me to need anything else from my time with Eoin.”

Francis Courtney