Jessica O'Callaghan success story

My entire adult life I shied away from any type of physical fitness challenge; quitting before I’d even begun so that I couldn’t fail. Following the very sudden death of my younger brother (age 39) due to heart disease, I made a decision to re-evaluate my physical health.

Late one Sunday evening in June 2017, I sent an email to Eoin giving him a bit of my background and asking for help. It has been the very best thing I’ve ever done for myself. To my surprise, Eoin immediately contacted me back that same night and put my fears at ease. He reassured me that my hesitations about exercise were natural and made a commitment to help me find what I enjoyed doing so that I’d be set up for success.

At first, I set out to improve my physical health but very quickly I discovered with Eoin’s help that I was significantly improving my mental health also. With his vast knowledge about nutrition and exercise, Eoin has managed to turn my physical-fitness-phobia into a love for a physical challenge. In addition, he’s taught me how to eat…not how to diet which has been the greatest gift! I no longer look at food as good or bad but rather as a choice. The atmosphere that’s created by Eoin and his team at EMF is infectious. The dedication that’s shown by Eoin to his clients is second to none. I’ve met some truly amazing people over the past 5 months and look forward to what my future holds!

If you’re looking for someone to help you take the first step towards a healthier and happier life….contact Eoin straight away.”

Jessica O'Callaghan