Saura Murphy success story

“I have lead an active lifestyle for many years and was a member of a hill walking club where we regularly climbed some of Ireland and the UKs tallest Mountains. However, over the years I felt my fitness and strength begin to suffer which lead me to not be able to join the group as much as I wanted.

On medical advice after a diagnosis of osteoporosis I was advised to do weight bearing exercises. I had been keeping fit by walking but this wasn’t enough.

I chose EMF as Eoin is my son and who better to sort me out!! I had been down to see him in the gym before but more in the role of helpful mother rather than interested client. Eoin made out a plan for me that had me in the gym only once per week. He thought me various exercises that I was also able to do at home. This “homework” really helped me learn the exercises and progress that much quicker in the gym. I missed a few sessions and regularly had to reschedule sessions but Eoin was always able to accommodate which was a great help in keeping my training consistent.

I have been doing PT with Eoin since the middle of January and I have seen some great results in that time. I am stronger, have more energy, sleep better and have less aches and pains. This improvement enabled me to climb Carrantuohill, a challenge on my bucket list for the last 5 years. I had previously attempted the climb twice but was unable to make it to the top. I am so glad I finally decided to start strength training as now I do not know what I would do without it.

The warm, friendly and welcome experience in EMF really helps you enjoy the training and leave feeling better than you came in. Some weeks when I am tired and do not really want to go, Eoin will change the session to make it a bit easier so I can always get something done and as he says “keep up the good habit”.

I really would recommend EMF to anyone looking to start strength training and feel better about themselves. The atmosphere is great, all levels are catered for and when you do start and feel the benefits you will wish you had started months ago.

Thanks Eoin and Kieran.”

Saura Murphy