personal training success story Siobhan

“I decided to contact Eoin due to a couple of reasons really. First of all, I was always impressed with Catherine Healy’s comments on how well she was doing and how fantastic EMF was for both her fitness and mental health. She was always laughing and full of fun.

Also, I was out of action for 10 months and I had mentioned EMF to Sean McKenna and he was very much in favor of going there 
For me, the gym was always a serious place for training. Obviously, I would chat away for a little while but then it was down to serious business. I thought I had to basically work myself to death to feel I had done a good session.

With Eoin and Phil I was seriously impressed with the different approach they both have. You get the work done and there is still time for a chat and the laugh (eg. Eoins fabulous jokes!!!! and even the simple thing of playing the table tennis recently. It was just such fun).

I just love the whole fun side of it and also the serious training that I get done. I’ve gotten to know a different range of people as well that I haven’t before. 
I’ve achieved a huge amount really. My squats are pretty good – well at least I think they are!!!!. My lunges have come on a lot as well. The weights are another huge achievement. I’m almost succeeding with the 8kg!!. I even succeeded with the bit ropes. I could never do any of those before. It was always cardio for me.

I have gained back my confidence in training again. I’ve learned that you can do a good workout and still have a bit of fun. I’ve learned to slow down my pace a lot. I usually try to race through everything but I now do everything much slower. I’ve had tragedy in my life which left me pretty devastated a few years ago and I feel I am now back in a better place and I look forward to my 2 sessions each and every week.

I would most definitely recommend EMF. In fact, I tell everybody about how great the place is. I’ve given EMF cards to a few friends and I have recommended they go and go soon!”

Siobhan McDonnell