pt success story Tom Downs

Running marathons is tough going.

Running ultramarathons is another beast altogether.

But running ultramarathons up and down mountains is a level I had never come across.

However, when Tom came to me to help him improve his suspension leading into a couple of 100k events I knew I had a truly special athlete on my hands.

In Toms own words,

“With my training, I was looking for something slightly different to help me improve my performance and offset some niggles.

Meeting Eoin in person, he is annoyingly enthusiastic.

I was constantly happy to go to the gym to complete my sessions with Eoin and Phil. It makes it easy to get up to train, which is something I do a lot of.

I’m stronger generally now due to the resistance training and most certainly my power has increased which for my running is pretty important.

I would, of course, recommend to anyone to get down to EMF for your health and performance needs.

The specifics are hard to explain but to sum it up there is just a general feeling of goodwill in the air down there which makes all the difference in getting the work done.”

Tom Downs