Tom Honey pt success

“Personal Training at EMF has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Thanks to Eoin & the team I feel better in every way. I look & feel better, sleep better, eat better, am less stressed, and happier day to day.

Before I started with EMF I thought I could do it alone. I managed to shift a few KG at home, but I was over-training, under-eating and felt tired, fatigued and run down.

From the first week with EMF, this all changed. Eoin’s expertise & guidance helped to fix my bad eating and exercise habits. Eating is no longer about cutting out the foods I like, and exercise is something I do for fun, not because I feel bad about having a dessert.

I joined EMF because I wanted to get stronger and lose fat, but I just did not know where to start. I was intimidated by the idea of joining a big gym, or even going to the work gym by myself. Now I regularly work out alone and feel comfortable going to the gym.

Having odd shift patterns made it hard for me to find time to exercise, but the flexible times & days made it easy for me to attend at EMF.

The changes to my diet and lifestyle, definitely outweigh the cost. I’m actually saving money on my weekly food shop (And Alcohol!!!) 

The attitude of the staff and clients down at EMF is fantastic. Everyone is extremely supportive & friendly. Eoin has even organized several activities and days out for us, which really makes it feel like a family.

I can’t recommend Eoin and EMF enough.”

Tom Honey