pt success story Paul Barry

Pauls previous success story can be read in full here, /paul-barry-pt-success-story/articles/paul-barry-pt-success-story/

I asked Paul to share some insights into his journey to a recent photo shoot we did for a number of EMF PT clients. Paul has been through some horrible injuries and dealt with many set backs along the way but without question he trusted in the process week in week and saw some pretty amazing results. I really hope people who have had similar injuries and may feel getting in great shape is not for them can take great encouragement and motivation from Pauls inspiring hard work and dedication.

“I wanted to see what could be done with some hard work and I am really pleased with the results. I lost a total of 10kg and now want to move forward and get down to 70kg and reduce my body fat even more. I really felt doing the shoot was a great motivator to keep me on track even when work would ramp up or when I was on holidays only a few weeks out from the shoot. I more or less kept to my normal diet throughout which was great as I didn’t have to do anything crazy or off the walls to get the weight moving. Eoin advised me to cut my calories if my weight loss slowed down for a certain amount of time. I managed to get it down 1600 some days and that let me relax a little on other days. This flexible approach really helped me stay on track long term and even keep to the diet while on holidays for the two weeks. I stuck to my guns while there and it made a huge difference to my mindset when I got back and the shoot was only around the corner.

I did a lot of swimming and some cardio along with 2 weight sessions a week. The change up helped me enjoy the training part of the process and it also helped me keep my swimming up to good level even though the shoot was the priority at the time. To be honest I found it hard to break some of habits and stay focused at times but even though I was not in my preferred weight for the shoot I worked my ads off to get there and that is what made me feel good about the whole thing in the end. I really did enjoy the training in EMF and the banter is always what makes you leave laughing and looking forward to going back.”

Paul Barry