Rachelle Owens success story

Timeline – 4 Months

Goal – Photoshoot preparation

Results – Body fat drop 5%

Weight drop – 3.5kg

Lean Mass Increase – 2kg

Rachelle is a pleasure to train and one of the hardest working females I have ever had the good fortune of working with. Really looking forward to the next photoshoot happening this summer.

In her own words,

“Having had a previous unsuccessful personal training experience I had lost faith in my ability to enjoy exercise. My boyfriend had spoken very highly of EMF and after my initial consultation I knew I was on the right path to getting my love for exercise back. My main result is more of a mental one. I tend to be extremely critical of my body and often fail to see the good things. I now feel more comfortable in my clothes and in general happier. No longer am I obsessed with seeing the scales change but more excited about my ability to “lift weights” and feel stronger both mentally and physically.

Enthusiasm and understanding. If you’ve had a stressful or crappy day, Eoin brings energy to each session that helps you get through it. Always takes the time to ask how you are, makes personal training an enjoyable experience. Eoin understands that everyone is different so whether a client is old or young he’ll be able to sort you out. I really enjoyed the photoshoot even if I was slightly terrified on the day. I decided to do another one this summer to push my body and mind even more. I felt the difference and saw the difference each and every week leading up to the shoot and I cannot wait to feel that again and even more this time round.”

Rachelle Owens