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Personal Training

Here at EMF Lifting & Laughing we offer a semi-private personal training service. In each of our sessions there is a maximum of 3 clients to 1 coach, This allows us to deliver the best service possible while keeping the banter mighty. At EMF Lifting & Laughing we tailor and design each client’s programmes to their needs, wants and desires. No matter who else is in the session with you whether that be different clients or anyone of our wonderful coaches you will always get the same great EMF service. 

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Group Coaching

Group coaching at EMF Lifting & Laughing is one of the most entertaining, enjoyable and beginner friendly services in Cork. We have different levels of difficulty that can be easily adjusted depending on the individual and their past experience. Every month we have a new challenge for all of our members to try, some fan favourites have been plank pong, heavy sled push and squat pong. These sessions have a mix of resistance, cardio and core exercises all mixed into a fun filled 50 minutes.

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EMF group coaching

  Child/ Teen Personal Training

EMF Lifting & Laughing is a pioneer in helping children of all ages improve their mental and physical health. In the short time EMF has been providing child and teen personal training we have worked with some fantastic clients who have various challenges. These range from dyspraxia, dysgraphia, Asperger’s, autism, hyper-mobility and more. We design and implement fun and interactive games to improve coordination, strength, balance and confidence. These session are 30 minutes long.

Please note we are currently at capacity for our child and teen PT service. We are working through our current waitlist and hope to open it once again in early to mid 2022. If you would like to enquire about our service in general please just email for more. 

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Child/Teen Personal Training
Dogs for the Disabled

EMF’s Coaching Impact

EMF Lifting & Laughing gives you the ability to have an impact on the choices of training you want to do. We assess your goals, preferences and encourage feedback often. We are there to guide the way so we urge you to talk to us and be open about every aspect of your experience. We want the best for you as our EMF family.

Terms & Conditions

All memberships are direct debit monthly payments paid one month in advance. Also note that we require 24 hours’ notice of cancellations, as a full session charge will apply if 24 hours is not given. No sign-up fee or cancellation fee is charged on any level of service. All memberships are based off a minimum commitment of 3 months. This timeline is necessary to ensure appreciable results are seen and maintained. Bookings do not carry over from month to month but if holidays/sickness etc comes up, temporary membership suspensions are possible. 

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