pt success story Billy Mullins

“I first came to EMF to lose weight and add mobility and strength to my ankle which I injured a few years ago and never really rehabbed properly. I met Eoin before I came to EMF and told him my problems and he told me how he could help me and we went from there. What appealed to me was the relaxed small group personal training as opposed to a big gym as I had never really been a member in a gym before and hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

EMF is really a fun and friendly environment to train in. If you need advice on a part of your diet, a particular training method you haven’t quite got the hang of or even what kind of whey protein you should buy no question is to small or too big you will always get an educated and realistic answer from Eoin. More importantly if he doesn’t know he will tell you that also. 

My weight loss has been steady, while it isn’t the same every week it has been coming down. I thought when I started it would take a couple of weeks to a month and I’d lose all the weight however Eoin assured me that while it would be slow and steady the odds of it coming back would be much lower. My ankles have never been so strong. On my first day in EMF I could not squat at all but now I can squat with 50kgs on my back and counting. I have also learned so much about dieting. I used to think you just eat less and you’d lose weight now I know that is definitely not the case. I have to be mindful of my habits and behaviours when eating so I can make better choices that support my goals and let me enjoy my food at the same time.

I would recommend EMF to anyone serious about reaching a health and fitness goal. It is a fun and supportive environment to train in. Eoin definitely cares about his clients. You are not just another number like in some bigger gyms and the small group training is quite helpful. Especially if you’re like me and you didn’t know how to lift weights, diet or even squat properly.”

Billy Mullins