pt success story Ciaran Kenny

“I began training with EMF with the sole intention of trying to get into something resembling okay shape for the summer. A Big challenge. I work behind a desk with early mornings and long hours so I haven’t been leading the most active life style for a while now, with irregular eating and sporadic exercise.

My first fitness related meeting with Eoin, we talked solely about why I was here, what my goals were, what my expectations were and what sort of exercise/food I liked. This was followed by some pretty light training to see what kind of shape I was actually in (could I do some exercise and not die).

My sessions from here on in were specifically designed for me. (He continues to be flexible around my working schedule as much as possible). Starting relatively easy, he focused first on making sure I was in a condition to train by working on mobility and strength before really upping the tempo to try and get me to my fat loss goals. Although he set my training regime, he never set me a diet (at my own request, I have a love affair with food) and only gave advice on how to eat to achieve my own goals. That said, he always pushed me to be accountable to him with what I ate.

With this, in a friendly and focused environment (any session I attended never had more than one or two other people and although is not one and one is definitely a lot more fun) I steadily started to shift the weight. Coupled with the first class facilities that were available at EMF I got stronger added muscle and lost the fat.

Coupled with the first class, well researched, incredibly in-depth knowledge and just a fun environment I could not recommend sitting down with Eoin for a talk any more. Take an hour out of your day to see what he has to offer, and who knows with a bit of sweat and a few tears that beach body might not be far away”.

Ciaran Kenny