Colm O'Connor success story

“I unfortunately got a bad ankle injury playing 5 aside soccer soccer and really needed to rehab it as I was slowly putting on a lot of weight due to being laid up for so many weeks. My job also demanded that I be on my feet throughout the day and be keep going.

Eoin helped me rehab my ankle and get back to full function and then some. We both addressed my weight issues and developed some simple but effective strategies for me to change my eating habits and behaviour for the better. That was over a year ago and  I am still here because I enjoy it immensely. I get told what to do by someone who knows what they are talking about. The atmosphere in the gym is great as I have met new people and always have someone to chat to when I am training.

Eoins training programs and constant support helped me get stronger in all the major lifts that I enjoyed doing. My deadlift went up, my squat increased and I even found new exercises to try and progress that I didn’t even know existed before meeting Eoin.

The weight loss has been an incredible journey with many slip ups and maintenance periods along the way. With Eoins advise I was able to drop over two stone and do so without feeling like I was on a crash diet or restricting myself in anyway.

My productivity at work is better. Sleep is better. I personally feel better about myself due to my ability to work harder, have more confidence and getting in the morning looking forward to the day”

I would recommend anyone visit Eoin for personal training if you are serious about changing your life for the better.”

Colm O'Connor