pt success story Dan Spillane

Photo Shoot Transformation – Daniel Spillane.

A former athlete and extremely well-trained lifter thanks to Andy Myers of AM Fitness Terenure. Dan and I decided that to get him to the next level, a photo shoot prep could be just the trick.

The results were quite phenomenal and in Dan’s own words,

“I wanted to challenge myself and learn how to lose weight in a measured manner. But above all, I needed to set a goal and be accountable to it. That is where Eoin and EMF came in with the idea of a photo shoot.

I noticed quite a few changes throughout the journey to the camera. Physical – put on a little muscle, slimmed right down and felt much more toned up. Particularly felt changes in last few weeks leading into the shoot.

I rarely stressed about dieting and the flexible dieting approach Eoin advised approach worked very well. Few frustrations at holding back on some nights but a small price to pay.

What I found in particular with Eoin’s help was the constant support, particularly in times of frustration with diet. He always Explained things well and in a manner that was easy to grasp. Explained a new approach to training, with the importance of doing a deload, essentially a rest week every 5 weeks. I found this a fantastic and worthwhile addition to my program.

He listened to what I had to say and adjusted workouts as per what I was enjoying or couldn’t do in the gym if it was busy. A great experience overall and I am very happy with the photos. Looking forward to the next shoot already.”

Daniel Spillane