Paddy Dwan success story

“I came to Eoin for classes initially and enjoyed the training so much I decided to start personal training also. I felt that as we get older it becomes very important to maintain a reasonable level of fitness. Initially I intended on shedding some holiday weight and to attempt to get in shape for a mud run I had planned to do. I chose EMF because it was recommended by one of my daughters who is a qualified PT instructor and because it is close to my home.

I really enjoy my training at EMF as Eoin is very professional and easy to work with. Pushes, motivates and encourages in equal measure and gets you to do your best. There is always a very good atmosphere at EMF and the people that train there are friendly and supportive of each other. This makes training that much more social and fun which helps me stick to a health and fitness based lifestyle.

The results I saw in EMF really pushed me to look at the way I eat and make changes for the better. The goals I initially had for weight loss, fitness and conditioning were all  achieved. I successfully completed a mud run back in October and it was great. So much more aware of my nutrition and how it can affect my energy levels and recovery from training and stress. Have cut down but not cut out sweet and sugary foods thanks to Eoins knowledge and guidance on flexible eating and choosing moderation to eat in a way I enjoyed.

Since starting with Eoin my health and fitness has only gotten better and better. I would definitely recommend EMF based on my personal experience. If you have a fitness, strength, conditioning or weight loss goal talk to Eoin and he will set up a programme for you.

Remember ‘your health is your wealth’.”

Paddy Dwan