pt success story Ronan Byrne

“My goal was to complete a half marathon this year and I knew I needed to backup my cardio training with gym work to avoid aggravating an old back injury. The main reason I had this goal was to lose weight and change my lifestyle in a positive way to avoid putting the weight back on. I knew a few people that were clients of EMF and all the feedback was very positive. Eoin was exactly what I needed from the point of view of changing bad habits without even realizing it.

The atmosphere in the gym is very positive and Eoin is always very supportive and creative when it comes to modifying certain exercises if I had a small injury (from soccer) or was stiff.
Every time I left the gym I knew I was after a great workout without feeling that I was pushed to my absolute limits as that is not how Eoin operates.

I was extremely happy with my results, I lost over 10KG and ran the cork city half marathon in a time I was very pleased with.

Throughout the training I felt myself getting more energetic during the day and not feeling that afternoon slump that I was used too.
From a nutritional point of view I changed a number of bad habits and I am now a lot more conscious of what my regular meals consist of.

Yes I have recommended Eoin to a number of people some and many have start training in EMF.

Eoin sees everyone as an individual and tailors the training to suit the individual. He gets to know the person and especially their bad habits and very gentle stirs them in the right direction with his knowledge, creativeness and support.

I finished PT with Eoin in early August before I went on holiday and I was itching to get back into the gym once I arrived home as there is no better feeling than completing 3 good sessions in the gym during the week and rewarding myself with a few pints at the weekend.”

Ronan Byrne