Valerie Higgins success story

“EMF is great hard work but the craic is mighty.

Eoin is a great coach and really explains everything in detail not just about how to do a movement but why which is always important as I have been to gyms before and told do this and that but never really understanding why exactly which is probably why I have failed in the past. Everyone that attends also is very friendly and supportive to train with. Best part was defo my award EMF Class member of the year — working hard to retain my title ha.

The first thing I noticed was my strength. I was able to lift things I never knew I could. I was shocked and then I was even more shocked at how quickly I was able to increase the weight not because I needed to but because I wanted to and I knew I could. My shape totally changed. I had not changed my diet at this point but I saw a huge difference everything was leaner and someone asked me once how do you feel going to EMF and I simply replied HARD hahaha still laugh today but its the truth.

Currently doing the fat loss course with Eoin and 11 others and its going well so far. Learning so much about what and why I should eat but also learning its ok to have a life too. Looking good doesn’t have to be hard and a chore which is great to know.

I would highly recommend visiting EMF. Simply put Eoin is fab and has really helped me with my goals and makes it a pleasure to work out as it is so relaxed at EMF — he is like a friend more so than a coach.”

Valerie Higgins