Abigail Goggin success story


I had been trying to lose weight and tone up for the best part of 2 and a 1/2 years. I tried SlimmingWorld, Weight Watchers you name it. They had worked for my friends but never for me. I eat healthy and couldn’t understand why the weight kept creeping on. Anyway as everyone else started losing the weight I was disheartened and started the search for what could benefit me and fit into my lifestyle.

Like a sign from above a girl I used to go the secondary school with Georgina Dineen posted her before and after pictures and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was smiling from inside out. I messaged her straight away and she sang Eoin and EMFs praises. I started chatting to my friends and they said go for it. I snooped the Facebook page and liked the kind of feel it had so I enquired about the 10 week program and to my utter disappointment it was full. So I messaged Eoin if by some miracle someone cancels please consider me. I couldn’t believe it a week later I got an email saying someone dropped out woo hoo. So my journey began.

During the 10 week program the biggest thing I noticed was my mood improved nearly instantly. I’ve lost weight nearly 5kg plenty to go mind but it’s more than I lost in years. I am much stronger than when I started and more confident in what I am doing. Understanding the nutrients and calories in food is another level of understanding I have now and its so useful to have when eating for a goal.

I loved the atmosphere in the gym… I’ve never seen Eoin in bad form not once. I loved the one to one contact and that even the stupidest question was answered without an ounce of judgment. The amount of emails I must have sent during the 10 weeks but every single one was answered. I loved that what we did Eoin had no problem demonstrating it over and over and over.

I would 100% recommend EMF for so many reasons.  To support local business, the care you receive and mainly because it’s fun and it works. I do not think I can say more than that, join up, you wont regret it.”

Abigail Goggin