I had a reoccurring back injury and wanted to see if I could improve the situation by strengthening my core and fitness in general. I already had an active job, and enjoy outdoor sports, but fear of worsening the back problem was holding me back and chiropractic visits were a short term fix.

I enjoy the laid back approach where we are able to have fun with the training and not take life too seriously. The guys are very knowledgeable and I feel that I’m let to work at my own pace but given enough encouragement and direction to keep me improving. I have a busy schedule and the fact that I know someone is waiting for me to attend a session means that I’m much more likely to actually make it than if I were just going to the gym.

My core strength has improved significantly and I have not had any major back issues since I started with Eoin. I have not seen a chiropractor in over a year.

I am more confident in lifting, generally happier in myself and am sleeping better. I’m looking forward to the better weather to get out on my kayak and paddle board.

Yes, it’s a great way to enjoy getting fit!

Adam Whitbourn