I had been to EMF before and enjoyed it, this time round I wanted to stick at it and make it more of a regular part of my lifestyle, on top of that my partner also was keen to start at EMF for various reasons so we thought it would be good craic to do it together from time to time and this has definitely been the case.

I had been before so had an idea what to expect yet having said this I’ve noticed a real difference in the overall buzz at EMF, I guess having built up a clientele over the years EMF have created a welcome and fun environment where novices and couch potatoes like myself can feel welcome and inspired.

My mind-set has certainly changed, I’m not thinking too much about what can I eat today that is healthy and calorie restricted, It’s easy now to plan the day and still enjoy meals and snacks, this coupled with great workouts at ENF have had the result of knocking off 5 kgs of weight with all the other parameters going in the right direction too.

As above and on top of that I feel that I’ve learned a new way of eating and exercising that is sustainable going forward for me.

Definitely. At EMF you’re not filled with BS about fad diets or pushed beyond your capabilities.
It’s a fun and rewarding place to go, worth the dough with extremely helpful and knowledgeable trainers and you’ll see results if you’re honest with yourself.

Billy Hurley