I decided to join EMF because I felt I was working too much. I love my job but I am very aware that a balanced lifestyle is a healthier one so I wanted to do something for myself that would add to my wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Straight off the bat I knew EMF was my kind of environment. It is fun and relaxed. Everyone I meet in the PT sessions are lovely as well as the trainers. The only person putting pressure on you is yourself and if you are tired that’s fine too, which encourages you to go even if you are off form. Of course on those days in particular you feel so much the better for it afterwards. EMF’s approach to fitness has me looking forward to every session.

I am feeling much stronger in myself which was the biggest goal for me as I have a very physical job. I am starting to see a real difference in the weights I can lift and I find that really motivating. The training has also given me a push to improve other aspects of my life such as nutrition and overall health. It has had a very positive knock on affect.

Apart from the above I have also noticed that I have more energy and I am more confident in myself. I also used to suffer from shoulder pain especially while driving. Since I started training with EMF that pain is gone. It’s a win win really.

Yes. It is a lovely environment with lovely people and you get nothing but positive results. No brainer!

Deirdre O’ Sullivan