Dean started working in EMF so I said I’d give it a go.
Was interested to see what he was doing with himself in college.
I had been attending a larger gym for over to a year and was not getting any real results.

The craic :). The craic is only mighty.
Varied monthly workouts keeps things interesting and exciting.
The one on one time you get in group coaching is invaluable. I had been to classes in other gyms and the level of details just isn’t the same. My form has improved massively leading to bigger lifts. The Google sheet is a great way of tracking progress.
Every member of the gym is sound out and there’s always a laugh to be had somewhere.
The 3 lads are all different but spur you on in their own special way.

Much better understanding of nutrition
Lower food bill
Smaller clothes size
Lots of compliments
A lot happier in my own head
A lot more energy
Much more positive outlook on life.
Long term health benefits.
Consistently consistent

I started on the PT / Group coaching package in late 2018.
I really enjoyed that so I had no hesitation signing up for the 10 week program after Christmas.
Upon completion of the 10 weeks I signed up for the unlimited pass.
I’ve gone from 2 classes a week up to 4 recently.
So how has the experience changed me for the better?
I’m a lot happier and more confident in myself. I’m still me when I look in the mirror it’s just working out is a good buzz.
My diet has completely transformed – the talk from Rosie set that off in a big way.
Having Dean as a brother is helping massively also. We spur each other on quite a bit and have been doing weekly workouts at home.
So basically I’ve gone from being a lazy lump to a proper gym bunny in the space of a few months.
That wouldn’t be at all possible without the coaching staff and members who make every session just as enjoyable as the last.

Yes I always am. Stubborn f*ckers afraid of a bitta graft.
The coaching staff and workout routines are Blarney’s best kept secret.
It really is amazing what you can achieve with the right people behind you.

Graham Ó Síocháin