pt success Grainne

“After being overweight for most of my 30s and following a hip replacement I wanted to lose weight and gain strength in a safe way. I explored EMF initially because of convenience but once I spoke with Eoin I really liked his straight talking, positive and no nonsense approach.

When I started I wasn’t able to do a lunge due to surgery. Now two and a half stone lighter, I am in the best shape since my 20s, back running 2 mins a mile faster than pre-surgery and able to play soccer with my kids.

The 50 min classes are never boring with the changes in exercises that make it feel like 30 mins. Eoin’s classes have given me back shape and strength. The strength I built in the gym made it so much easier to run and burn more calories – win win.

Tracking nutrition and weight is part of my daily routine. I now make informed choices about what I eat and how I fuel my body. This new way of eating and training has contributed to my overall well-being, the best part being that I don’t feel like I’m on a diet… it’s a lifestyle.

Having tried all the other popular weekly weight loss programmes… and some crazy ones, I would lose weight but always put it back on… with a bit extra!

Eoin dispelled the quick fix weight loss myths that we are regularly bombarded with on social media. He is always available either in person or online to offer realistic direction and suggestions.
The EMF experience has the perfect combination of exercise, nutrition, and guidance with a big helping of humour and positivity. The camaraderie and support of other class participants is another bonus at EMF.

Even going over calories here and there Eoin taught me that is okay and to stick with it, no lecture, no guilt trip, cause life happens. The result being steady and consistent weight loss.

I have, and continue to recommend Eoin to family and friends. Every day someone asks how I lost so much weight and how I did it without looking gaunt or adding years to my face. I could sell tickets to EMF classes!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next six months with EMF brings.

Thank you Eoin and all the team at EMF.”

Eoin I still owe you a couple of Blarney Brew reviews too, which I’ll send over soon (pics & all!), let’s just say I’m on the lookout for when it hits the supermarkets!!

Grainne De Hora