I’ve been unhappy with my weight for a long time, but I decided to come to EMF after seeing some particularly unflattering pictures of myself on my birthday – and a strong recommendation from my housemate!

I’ve been impressed from the start by the holistic approach that Eoin & co have.
The range of different people that are able to come along, and are able to make progress at their own pace is also very impressive.

I’ve been losing weight steadily since I moved to Ireland a year or so ago, but signing up to EMF and seeing the guys regularly has given me accountability, and the encouragement I need to keep going!

Losing weight and getting into shape has made a big difference to my self-image. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated alone.

Going to EMF almost feels like going down to your local to relax and have a bit of craic at the end of the day but here you’re lifting the bar instead of just sitting at it!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EMF to friends and family of all ages’ sizes and experience levels. They’re a great bunch who watch, listen, and encourage rather than just giving you a set of exercises and letting you muddle through.

James Greig