My husband had previously trained with EMF and raved about the place.

It’s such a skit, the workout comes second to the chats with the coaches and other EMFers but that does not distract from getting the work done. It’s that atmosphere that gets you in the door day after day.

Almost two years ago I walked into EMF and I couldn’t raise my hands over my head now I can do press and curls till the cows come home.

I’m not afraid of getting hurt anymore, before I started in EMF I always ended up injured it would be so disheartening. In EMF any niggles I have the lads work with me and by the time my session is over my movement is always nearly back to normal. That support and keeping in touch with my physio has changed my life, no more pain pills and no more feeling like I’m old before my time. I’m a strong ass woman now.

After a slip on a magazine 7 years ago I spent the next 5 years in and out of physios, oestopaths and GPs for pain pills. 2 years ago I woke up and couldn’t move no one could help and I was referred to a pain management specialist where I was told I would have to learn to live with my new normal…horrifying words. The pain began to escalate and I ended up in theatre twice for steroid injections into my neck joints. They were successful and the next step was a year of botox injections into neck, shoulders, back it was agony but after a year it worked. I started to think maybe I could get my life back so I did my research and found a physio who I felt could help me. My god did he, Eric my hero. After a couple of months I felt I was on a good path so on Eric’s advice I took the plunge and decided to get back into an exercise region. I emailed EMF because my husband had trained with Eoin before and really enjoyed it. From the start I felt like I was in good hands and educated hands, Eoin even took the time to call Eric before I started training. So many times I tried to get back to the gym but without the proper guidance I ended up worse than I started. 3 months ago I walked in the door I couldn’t put my hands over my head, floor angel not a chance, thread the needle was laughable but now my god what a chance. The other week I was finished a set and Dean said hold that medicine ball over your head and look in the mirror, look how far you’ve come. I couldn’t believe it and honestly it’s all down to the 3 lads. For the first time in 7 years I don’t have a physio appointment booked. Can’t thank ye enough guys. Its been life changing

Without a doubt, its a community that is full of support and fun it doesn’t feel like a gym at all (in a very good way obvs)

Jillian O’ Sullivan