I suffered from lower back problems for years. It was a constant issue every year, sometimes twice a year. It affected me in so many ways not just having a sore back but not been able to go to work, not been able to go hiking and surfing, It effected people around me who had to look after me when I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. I got an MRI scan one day and my physio said you really need to build up the muscle around your lower back and strengthen your core. At this time Eoin had just opened his new place and it’s on my doorstep so had zero excuses not to go. So off I went….. Still here today. Best decision I’ve ever made.

I thought it would be full of random strangers parading around the place but it’s not, it’s people just like me who need direction and structure to develop their bodies either for aiding recovery or toning muscle and also for people who want to have a laugh along the way too. There’s always room for a laugh when you’re lifting.

My back has never been as good in years, I’m dead lifting 55kg, something that I would have never thought I’d be doing, I’m back walking the hills again, knocked out Carrauntwohill recently. My own mental health has improved with all this as well. It’s the knock on effect that makes life easier not just for yourself but the people around you also. Thanks for all the support here Eoin, Phil and Dean – Brilliant encouragement every visit. Always looked forward to my next session. Especially the different exercises you’d all bring, it’s never the same class.

Been able to live my life without restrictions or worry is like been given a second chance to do the things I love and live my life the way I want too – not the way you end up because you never took that extra step and called into EMF.

I’d recommend EMF to a friend 100% and also to a stranger. Sure we’ll be friends by the end of it.

Kevin Long