I have been suffering with back and neck pain for years, and needing physiotherapy every two weeks. I had heard people saying that going to the gym has helped them but never really liked the idea of being in a big gym not knowing what to do.
After speaking to my physiotherapist, Sean McKenna in Tower, I asked if EMF was a good idea, he jumped at the idea!
A friend Karen Healy, had said that she went to EMF and loved it there, as the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and not like other gyms.

The banter with the great trainers and the people coming into the gym for their training session. I didn’t think that the 50 minutes would go by so fast, I was dreading it, but sometimes, when I am told that I have done my last set, I feel like I want to go another round…haha…. never thought I would say that!

I actually thought that I would do around 3 months to see how I would go, and stop after that, but now I am even considering adding an extra class to my sessions!

I am feeling much stronger and have less pain since starting 4 months ago. Seeing myself progressing up through lifting heavier weights every week and feeling more energised afterwards instead of tired.

I find that I am able to release a lot of stress from the day, especially after a round of boxing, which I am really liking, and didn’t think that I would!

EMF has changed my life for the better. I am happier, healthier, stronger and feel less pain than when I started.

Everyone is lovely in EMF, not just all the wonderful trainers, Eoin, Dean and Philip, but the people you meet there training. And of course, Lifting and Laughing 😀
I highly recommend EMF to everyone that I speak to about exercise and fitness!

Maria Guerin