After a few months off the gym and a huge move back to Ireland following 12 years in Australia I needed something to lift the winter blues, get some strength back and really just meet people in the area.

The concept that exercise should not be a punishing routine to be worthwhile , you can still get results and are more than likely not to miss sessions and make it a regular enjoyable part of your week.

Again the change in mind-set, I don’t have to fear coming back to the gym even after holidays , go in take it a bit easier and I’ll get back to where I was a week or two later instead of the gym being a sort term goal it’s something I don’t see myself giving up on. I also eat, sleep and feel more confident when I go.

Absolutely, there is always a few laughs and like I said it’s not something I see myself giving up.

Yes of course, EMF is for all, always a great mix of people in the classes so plenty of inspiration

Niamh Buckley