Over the years I’ve been to many different gyms and they all ended the same. I’d lose interest after a few months and when left to my own devices I will do as little as possible at the gym so wasn’t really getting anything out of going. I then tried PT’s and had some sessions in places where I could barely walk the next day and would leave feeling like throwing up! Again that wasn’t for me. I hadn’t exercised in about 9 months and my clothes were not fitting any longer and I refused point blank to buy a bigger size so thought right, time to get my shit together and cop myself on. I had been following Eoin on Instagram for a while and knew a few people that were attending EMF PT’s and they only had good things to say so I thought I’d give it a bash and see how I got on.

The very first thing that I noticed was that there was a very relaxed feeling which to me was a bit unusual as the gyms I was at previously were not relaxed and sometimes even a bit intimidating, getting “the eyes” if you were on a machine for any length of time and let’s not mention the posers and the ones that drop the weights with such gusto just to prove they were lifting something heavy. This is not the case in EMF. The atmosphere is relaxed but that’s not to say that you don’t get a good workout, you do. We have a laugh and a workout at the same time. I’m learning all sorts of new exercises, who knew nerve flossing was a thing!

My clothes now fit a bit better. They might not be as loose as I would like them to be but I’m getting there and I’m toning up. In general, I sleep so much better and I always have a smile on my face when I leave the gym. I love the feeling when I’m lifting weights and feel they are too light and for the next round I increase the weight.

This evening for example, I had a long enough day in work and I had no mind at all to go to my PT session at 8pm but I threw on the gym gear and got myself down there. I left feeling so much better after a great session and a good laugh with Phil. In the past, I would have just cancelled the session but not now as I know I’ll feel better for going.

EMF is like a little family. The members are great and I love that we are all ages and sizes. Eoin, Phil and Dean welcome you and have customised training plans that will push you to what you are capable of. I would highly recommend.

Noelle Long