I had picked up an injury from running which meant I had to stop my usual training while it healed. I had become a bit frustrated with not being able to run and lacked any real focus in finding a regular substitute. There were weeks when I wouldn’t do any training and I could see and feel the negative effects on my mind and body. I just needed to get some motivation back and needed to find something I enjoyed doing and which made we want to do it again, as part of my weekly routine.

The energy and positivity given off by the entire team at EMF is what makes it work for me. Everyone at EMF has a great balance of professionalism and genuine character. There’s always a nice bit of banter, if that’s what you want, or you can just get your head down and sweat it out if that’s what’s needed on the day.

I feel I now know how to lift correctly and safely using the correct techniques. I feel more confident about lifting heavier weights and generally feel stronger and fitter.

Great way of dealing with the stress of everyday life. I always feel great after a session at EMF, it’s a great place to clear your head after work or to get your day off to a positive start. You never regret a work out at EMF the effort you have to put in is worth the energy you get out of it.

Yes, whether you’re a total beginner or looking to progress to a higher level, the team at EMF provide the motivation and expertise to make you want to keep going.

Richie Ryan