Needed to get more fit and help with gaining upper body strength.

I had read a number of reviews and a lot of them had that EMF training helped also with mental health. it really has, feeling of happiness of what you achieved in the gym when you come out after work out

And of course the LAUGHING – Literally the floor exercises are great fun and we do probably more laughing especially with a new exercise.

Every single person is very nice, helpful and supportive. The members Facebook members section is fantastic, yourself Eoin, you answer everyone’s questions showing examples which helps a lot. There is always a member of the gym that will give you extra advise on food, etc.

Results – clothes are looser, feeling of getting up with a spring in your step is a great feeling, a little ache here and there is also great / slight reminder that you may have upped the weights the night before 🙂

Most definitely changed, I really feel I have more energy daily which is great, I actually don’t moan “Oh I have gym today” – actually look forward to the group sessions. The classes are great especially the new routine where you are in a certain area for a block of 3 exercises, partnered with a person and we help each other out.

I have already, friends in work, family – Gym is a safe place, friendly, extremely supportive and all exercises are adapted to each individual.

Sharon Babington