Theresa Healy success story

Fantastic work by Theresa in just 8 weeks.8kg down and her goal weight achieved.

8cm off her waist and body fat down 4%.

Strength increased from a 8kg kettle bell deadlift to a 55kg barbell deadlift for 5 reps.

Countless other feats of strength performed by Theresa but more importantly she is happy, confident and physically able to do any exercise in the gym.

Massive improvements seen in her eating habits also. From eating very little, having no energy and wondering why the scales was not moving I introduced the concept of flexible dieting to Theresa. She took to it magnificently and was shocked to realise that by eating more she actually started to lose weight. In essence she was swopping low volume, high calorie low nutrient foods for high volume, low calorie but nutrient dense food. She ate the foods she loved and lost weight in the process. She has made habits that will help her keep the weight off for good, the ultimate goal.

Well done Theresa, you should be very proud of your efforts.

In her own words

“I went to EMF because I had seen the results of another person training with Eoin and decided I needed to do something for myself, to make me feel better about myself. That was my goal before I started and quickly realised that I wanted to be stronger as welI as loose weight.

Eoin made it very enjoyable and even though it was hard at the beginning to make my self go to training my attitude changed very quick. With his support I managed to reach my goal and also push for new ones.

I learnt a lot about nutrition, before I started I taught that if I cut back on food I would loose weight but that was definitely not the case. I lost 7kg in 6 weeks which was amazing, I was eating more and still loosing weight. Eoin changed my total attitude to food.

I have recommended EMF to my brother who has started training with Eoin and he absolutely loves it. It is a much more enjoyable experience than a gym. Everyone I have met at EMF are very friendly and supportive of each other”

Theresa Healy