This has been the month of the year to date folks. From EMFs first-ever mental health night to baby Will making his first unofficial EMF visit, it was a month to remember for sure.

EMF Mental Health NightWhat a fantastic night filled with positivity, awareness, and mindfulness. A packed house enjoyed hearing the life stories of Graham Mc Cormack and Conor O’ Keeffe. Both men have already lead phenomenal lives and have both turned to public speaking and life coaching to help others find the “why” in their own lives.

To have the opportunity to host such a night in Blarney really is the most rewarding part of my involvement with EMF.  A massive thanks to Craig and Sinead for helping me organize the night also. The Muskerry Arms were beyond generous for feeding and watering everyone on the night also. The fact that we only went and raised €600 for Pieta House in the process was just the icing on a well put together cake. Really looking forward to doing something like this again really soon.

Members in focus

A busy month for all this August 2019. Holidays to get in, schools to be prepped for and of course feats of extraordinary strength to be achieved down EMF way. All in a matter of 31 short days.Carl “the bull” McCabe popped down from Dublin city to visit his godson little William. As you all know a trip to Blarney is not complete without a visit to EMF before we toasted Will with my Dads 20-year-old whiskey, a quick session was in order.

The family that lifts together, laughs together and finally the Murray family were all in the same session. Louise will be training with us for a year soon enough, Eamon is up to his 6-month milestone and their son Jack his coming up to his 3-month mark. It’s great to see the benefits of lifting and laughing being enjoyed by the whole family.

Young Olan Dineen has been a revelation down EMF way. Here is what his mom Donna has had to say about his experience thus far;

“Olan loves going to EMF. The minute he walks in his face lights up. He loves all the high fives and knuckles touches. EMF is nothing like a normal gym. Sometimes if I’m standing outside all I hear is laughter. Olan has come on leaps, he’s out all day playing soccer, hurling, running. His stamina is unreal now, and his confidence has grown hugely”.

EMFs strongest man. The magnificent, majestic and mighty Kevin Walsh only went and squatted 165kg. Absolutely outrageous lifting for anyone amateur to pro. Well done Kevin, you are an inspiration to us all.

The difference a month can make

For the first 10 days of Wills life, we had to endure the heartache of not being able to bring him home. However on day 11, we were given the nod, he can go. From the worry to the elation. Watching my little baby become a little person has been phenomenal. Feeding him a bottle, telling him a story and bringing him to visit his grandparents have been highlights not just this month for me, but highlights of my life to date.

For quite a while I have wanted to have a family fun day in EMF. With Will settled into Blarney life I am delighted to announce we will be hosting one on Saturday the 28th of September. An unofficial meet and greet “Will day” lol. More details to be announced soon but put it in the diary.

Once again folks thank you all for your good wishes this month. They have been truly appreciated more than you all know.


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