pt success story Jesse

“Having followed Eoins page for a few months I knew it was time for me to bite the bullet and enlist the man himself.

Having followed him and the great work he is and has done I knew he was the man for be :), I had used other coaches before but Eoin’s style and approach irked my attention and I decided to contact him.

Over the course of the last 10 months I have shed kgs, inches and skeletons from the closet.

I have always had a strange relationship with food, and saw no problem infrequently gorging on my food of fancy washed down with copious amounts of the good stuff (Booze). But in the last year, I have gained a desire to free myself from such vices (not completely) to seek a more adventurous life and a more active life.

I am stronger than I have ever been, I don’t have as many stomach related issues if any. I have more often than not an abundance of energy, and an enthusiasm to progress physically. I now see exercise as part of living life the way I want, a necessary evil 🙂 love it or hate it,,,, just get it done.

I particularly enjoyed the in-depth check-ins from Eoin, no matter if I was late with the check-in, or if the check in was brief, Eoin still went through his part with the same level of interest and vigor.

No check-in was the same, Eoin took time to review all the info I inputted and then tweaked it accordingly. Also as I had ongoing knee issues we took care to adjust where possible. A consummate professional throughout.

I would recommend Eoin 100000000%, couldn’t speak higher of the service that he has provided me with. I have had remarks over the past few weeks on my progress and each time have advised that without Eoin’s persistence I would not be where I am.

He is genuinely interested in each client.

I think his approach is ” on point”, just the right amount or everything, never overbearing, never distant, always available, always listening.

A sound man with a desire to help.”


Jesse James O'Regan